The ability to communicate in a cost effective and reliable manner is a critical facet required to succeed in the fast-paced world of business in the 21st century.

Telecommunications is a specialist and continually changing field which Motlekar Telecoms is passionate about.

We are a full-service telecommunications company with the ability to provide cutting edge solutions which meet and exceed the demands of next generation communications.

We are unique in that while our competitors are after quick profit, we strive to offer a variety of solutions at the most competitive and affordable prices which allow our clients to focus on their primary business and not have to worry about their communications, we are our clients communications partner.

Due to our specialist approach as a unified communications provider in the market, we are able to utilize our years of experience to ensure that our clients receive the most effective, affordable and reliable services that are available.

this is how we are redefining telecommunications


  • No long term contracts
    – We provide a month to month solution, we do not force our clients into long term contracts. We are able to provide long term contracts, however, we would rather allow our clients to experience our solution. We are very confident about our products and solutions.


  • No investment required
    – We will supply all required hardware on a rental basis, alternatively all hardware can be purchased from us at below cost.


  • Access to an award winning Cloud PBX Platform
    – Our Cloud/Hosted PBX platform is feature rich, reliable and affordable. From ring groups to call recording and auto attendant, our platform works.


  • A dedicated team to assist you 24/7/365
    – Our team is passionate about providing the best quality of service.


  • The lowest call rates available in the market
    – We have interconnects with multiple providers in data centers across the world. This allows us to provide our client with the lowest call pricing

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