Motlekar Telco is part of the Motlekar Group which is a 100% Black-owned & Controlled Shareholder and ownership base.

We are balance of Expertise & Emerging Leadership. Our Investment strategy is to develop and foster entrepreneurial process, create intrinsic value and utilise such value for job creation and retention and other empowerment ventures.

To utilise shareholder advocacy to drive corporate social responsibility and to develop sustainable platforms for businesses to thrive.

As a division of the Motlekar Group, Motlekar Telco strives to achieve the goals set out by our parent company and offer solutions which are affordable and which add value to any business.


Our Team consists of highly talented individuals who are passionate about redefining communication

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  • We embark on meticulous due diligence investigations to verify their feasibility and potential. Our business objectives are to hold noteworthy shareholding in order to fully derive success from these ventures.


  • Continually achieving attractive financial returns for all our stakeholders, whilst embracing the notion of transformation and the elimination of oppressive economic issues, is the cornerstone of our business’s success.


  • Our partners view our business as enduring associations and we in turn seek to maintain and further promote mutually beneficially relationships, based on trust and enigmatic respect.


  • We regularly leverage off the knowledge and astuteness of our investment partners to shape the strategic trajectory and operational output of target businesses; and provide a myriad of focused leadership and support activities.


  • Our fierce determination to redress past injustices to allow black South Africans to equally and abundantly reap the fruits of democracy is the foundation upon which our success is built.


  • A heavy-weighted component in deal structuring and implementation is the positive impact that our business activities, and that of our partnerships will have on the local social and economic environments.


  • We are defined by our uncompromising custodianship of integrity and ethical business practices

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