We offer a variety of hardware which will ensure that your communication solution works as it should


phones to use

Hardware is essentially the physical equipment that will be in your office. Whilst our PBX is in the Cloud which will ensure you do not have to outlay a huge amount of money or be consigned to a lengthy contract, you would still need to have VoIP/IP Phones, just as a normal phone.

How it works is as follows: Each and every phone registers via the internet to our Cloud PBX, this also means that a phone can be moved because the registration details are defined in the actual phone.

We offer two options with regards to Hardware:

  1. Purchase – You can purchase VoIP/IP Phones, Routers, Switches and more from us at a very competitive price

  2. Rental – You can rent VoIP/IP Phones, Routers, Switches and more from as on a monthly basis. There is no long term contract, you simply pay per month



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